Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Mike Hess Beer

Hey, Everyone! It’s Open Mike Night!

June 8, 2018

Ken is NOT in the studio tonight. He’s claiming to be working at his other job (we’ll have to check on that, of course). Truth is, we suspect he’s still recovering from his birthday last week; which, coincidentally enough, was on the very same day as Greg Hess’s birthday. Greg, on the other hand, has apparently recovered fully, and he and his literal brother in beer, none other than THE Mike Hess of Mike Hess Brewing, are both in the studio with Jeremy. They’ve brought along plenty of Mike Hess’s renowned “Open Mike” cans, of course. So let then hoppy top popping begin!

We’ll be talking up tomorrow’s Hess Fest, which you should absolutely get yourself to. In fact, let’s throw in a little incentive: use promotional code “949” at checkout when buying your tickets and you'll receive 10% off! Congratulations, kids, your Saturday plans have just been made! You’re welcome.

Here’s what’s on tap this evening:

  • Tangerine-A-Fair
  • Sunset Blood Orange IPA
  • Solis IPA
  • Grapefruit Solis IPA