Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Iron Fist Brewing

About That Miracle We Just Witnessed…

March 14, 2018

Here we are at the studio when out from the elevator steps head brewer Tom Garcia, box of Iron Fist growlers in hand. We’re all smiles. But then the bottom falls out. Literally. Down to the concrete floor a glass jug of delicious beer goes, and we all brace ourselves for the imminent disaster. Lo and behold, it bounces off the floor and rolls to a stop by co-founder Brandon Sieminsky’s foot. Oh, beer. Is there nothing you can’t do?

And so begins another fun filled Rock & Roll Happy Hour with our friends, Brandon, Tom and Shaina from Iron Fist. Here’s what’s on the menu for tonight’s show.

  • Nelson The Impaler A single hop session IPA, it’s one of the very first San Diego brews to to showcase the Nelson hop. 5.0%
  • Blood Orange Nelson This version is spiked with blood oranges that, as Brandon eloquently puts it, have been beaten, squashed and extruded. Lovely. 5.0%
  • 7-7 Anniversary Belgian Red This is best described as an English Red gone Belgian, with black currants added to the mix. 7.7%
  • Summer City Lager The beer formerly known as Logan Lager, this is an easy-drinking pre-prohibition style light lager with a hint of flaked corn. Guys, PLEASE put this one in cans!!! 4.2%
  • Dark Days This is a special version of Iron Fist’s darkest brew that spent 18 months in…maybe they were rum barrels? (Brandon can’t remember after drinking one of these). Oh yeaaaahhh.