Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Home Brewing Co.

Brew Your Own. Now Take A Sip Of How It SHOULD Have Turned Out And Try Again!

December 15, 2017

Before San Diego became the epicenter of craft brewing in America. (Stuff a sock in it, Portland and Denver, we’re owning this one!), it was a home brewers’ paradise. Home brew clubs such as QUAFF and great home brew suppliers such as Home Brew Mart, kept beer aficionados with a DYI itch inspired and wisely guided to produce their own tasty beverages. It’s therefore appropriate that we have the folks from North Park’s Home Brewer joining us tonight to keep the enthusiasm for home brew stoked AND…drum roll…share some fabulous brews that they themselves have been producing at their shop under the auspices of Home Brewing Co. George and Jacob have a lot of great updates and stories for us as well, so tune in. And be sure to have a beer ready. It won’t be long before you’ve got a lil’ fermenter of your own going in the bathtub.

  • Commoditization of Hype American Lager A Pre-Prohibition Era style lager. Beer is an historical and cultural phenomenon, not just a marketplace commodity. So there. An old school tribute that is oh so crushable. Year round a killer beer. 5.0%
  • Lil’ Bit Destroyed NE Pale Ale The haze craze shows no sign of abating, and we’re ok with that. This is a POG juice juggernaut and we want more. And more. 4.8%
  • Plants Plants No Pants Saison Forage naked! That’s the slogan for this one. (Listen in and we’ll explain.) Summer seasonal with white sage, lemon peel, and chamomile. 6 %
  • Modern Times Doppelbock Collaboration With a special blend of coffee that the MT gang roasted themselves, you know this will be fabulous. Get it at Home Brew Co’s tasting room while you can. 8.7%
  • It’s A Stout! Imperial Stout You know how much you love those Cajun blackened marshmallows that you yourself burnt to a crisp over a campfire. Now try one in the form of a beverage. Goodnight, cowboy! 9.7%