Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring AleSmith

OKAY--we'll say it: Hoppy Holidays Everyone!

December 26, 2017

It’s no secret that Rock & Roll Happy Hour’s evangelizing side-kick and purveyor of lowbrow humor, Ken Wright, worked at a rather prominent local brewery for many, many years where, among other cheerleading tasks, he led thirsty fans around the brewery and plied them with tasty brews. The most frequently asked question he got from guests was, “OK, so I know you’re obligated to say that ***** is your favorite brewery. But other than this one, what’s the best brewery in town?” Ken never hesitated to answer—obligation to his boss be damned—“AleSmith.”

So, with that said, let the holiday love fest begin! Tonight we’re joined by With Head Brewer George. He’s getting ready for the big Tap Recap at Alesmith coming up at the end of this month and we’ll have a little sneak preview tonight.

  • AleSmith IPA They malt perfect. Hops perfect. About a dozen. Wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Orange X  Complex blend of orangey goodness added to our favorite beer.
  • Broken Filter IPA NOT a hazy IPA. A collaboration with Julian at Beechwood. Fruity and tropical, rather than dank and citrusy. They’re not going out of the way to make it something else. They don’t have to. It’s bomb.
  • Double Red aka YuleSmith No more Summer Yulesmith. Nor is there a Winter one anymore. It’s been rechristened as Double Red for the winter. DIPA is citrusy. Double red is more piney. Winter seasonal. 8.5%
  • Speedway Variations:  Kickin’ Coconut Peanut, ginger, coconut, birds eye chili. Not overdone. Just plain damn perfect.