Rock & Roll Happy Hour With Casey's Happy Drinksgiving Extravaganza!

Casey Hearts Cocktails...AND Leftovers!

November 25, 2017

Wouldn’t be a proper Thanksgiving without having Casey from Casey Hearts Cocktails in the studio whipping up some great drinks to pair with those tasty leftovers…or to have on hand for your upcoming holiday soirée. These are approachable crowd pleasers that are easy to prepare and don’t require exotic herbal concoctions or a handle bar moustache. They are also lovely for these unseasonably warm San Diego holiday season where we favor sandals over sweaters, so bust out the sunscreen and enjoy! Oh, and as for those leftovers, Casey brought along plenty for your gustatory pleasure. See how they stack up to yours and chow down with us as you listen! In addition to these stellar beverages, we’ll be noshing on the traditional (and then some) Thanksgiving feast: roast turkey, marble rye apple/pear/walnut stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, Brussel sprouts with gruyere and bacon, carrot soufflé, sweet potatoes w/marshmallows…and of course, pumpkin pie!

  • Casey’s Bourbon & Champs We love this simple yet très élégant beverage and Casey almost always treats us to a round when she’s on the show. A great “Welcome to our house, here’s a little something to sip on” starter. 1 shot of chilled bourbon (Four Roses is one of our faves), top with champagne in a chilled martini glass. Lovely and palate pleasing.
  • Tiki Death Punch Time to gather round the poolside punchbowl and cool off! This is one deceptively dangerous tropical treat, so pace yourself, kids. Also be sure to put on your favorite reggae jams and prepare to chill. That’s what we’re doing. Cue up Desmond Dekker & The Aces…

  • Apple Walnut Old Fashioned A turkey friendly twist on a classic cocktail, you’ll need:

½ oz Bourbon

1 ½ oz Applejack

½ oz Nocello

Dash Peychaud’s Bitters.

Check out Casey’s video on Old Fashioned's. Now sit down in that leather chair and let the expletives fly!

  • Cape Cod Your preferred ratio of vodka and cranberry syrup served in an iced highball glass and garnished with a lime wedge.
  • Cranberry Mule The copper mug classic, be sure to add some homemade cranberry syrup! It’s easy: Boil 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 2 cups pureed cranberries and strain.
  • Sam Ross’s Paper Plane Gateway bourbon drink. Equal parts bourbon aperol amaro nonino lemon juice. Sweet with a dry grown up finish. It’s guava colored. Pretty in pink.