Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Brewbies

Craft beer fest for a cause

February 1, 2017



WHO LOVES BOOBIES? (…or, at the very least, wants to keep them healthy)?


So listen up, all you “CRAFT BEER-LOVIN' DO-GOODERS,” clear your calendar on Saturday, February 11 and save the date, because that’s when the 8th ANNUAL BREWBIES FEST kicks off! To give us a preview of what’s in store, our good friend Melanie Pierce, Community Outreach Director for the Keep A Breast Foundation, is joining us this Friday night. And, of course, she’s bringing beer! YAY! And she's bringing her best buddies Jeff and Dande from Bagby Beer, who are also bringing beer! YAY! Here are the tasty brews we’ll be sampling during Happy Hour AND just a few of the incredible beers that will be served up at the Fest.

Arts District Brewing "MEL-ons" How much do we miss former Pizza Port brewer Devon Randall? So much that, even though she’s now in LA (where the Chargers now reside, you’ll recall), we’ll do anything to get her beer. Actually, we didn’t have to do much, as Melanie’s office is right across the street from Devon’s new brewery and she’s bringing it with her. Aptly named on oh so many levels, this is an American Wheat Beer brewed with honeydew melon and magic.

Bagby Beer “Totally Coned IPA" This beer was still in the tank when we posted this blog, but we at least finally have a name for it. Considering that the beer was made almost entirely with a boatload of whole cone hops in the hopback AND the mash, it's guaranteed to live up to its name. Brewed by Jeff the Alpha King himself, it's guaranteed to be great. At 8% abv it's guaranteed to have you feeling happily dazed and confused in no time.

Bagby Beer "Untarted Cherritory" What’s for dessert? Care for a glass of cherry pie? Yes you do! This 4.5% abv Belgian-style blonde is fun, fun, fun! With generous helpings of cherries, cranberries and a touch of cinnamon and vanilla, it's a tasty slice. And yes, we’d love to listen to you sing the 80’s hair band anthem by Warrant. Go on, you know you want to.

“A Pink Beer That Melanie Helped Brew at Automatic Brewing.” This beer brewed by Melanie AND our beloved pal and local genius, Lee Chase. This beer is pink. Nuff said.


The Brewbies® Festival was founded in 2010. Showcasing the positive impact that the craft brewing community makes while raising funds to help the Keep A Breast foundation fulfill their mission of empowering young people around the world with breast health education and support. To date, the Brewbies® Festival has raised over $275k for Keep A Breast's Education Programs.

Brewbies will be on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 from 1:00 PM* – 5:00 PM at Bagby Beer in Oceanside, CA. Head out for a beautiful afternoon and enjoy an array of outstanding, interesting, unique and signature PINK beers from over 40 of the best breweries around! Stop by Keep A Breast’s Traveling Education Booth and enter their biggest, best raffle of the year! Tickets available 

*Tickets are just 45 bucks if you buy them in advance ($60 at the door). Or, if you want to achieve true baller status, you can buy the $65 early admission ticket and get in at noon, an hour before the middling masses start lining up. Choose wisely, and remember, 100% of the proceeds benefit KAB.