Rock And Roll Happy Hour featuring Artifex Brewing

And Now, Ladies and Gentlemen, Johnny, Cash…

August 25, 2017

What’s NOT to love about these guys? First of all, we’ve got two awesome dudes, co-founder/brewer Johnny along with his appropriately named sales guy/learned kegmaster Cash, in the studio. (Johnny. Cash. Hmm…has a familiar ring to it doesn’t it?) Second, they’ve brought along half a dozen beers all the way down the 5 from their place in San Clemente with plenty of ice in the cooler. Johnny has been brewing San Diego-style IPA’s around North County for years—you may have even seen him behind the counter or working the brewhouse at Port Solana Beach or Mother Earth. You’d remember him. He’s the surfer/skater kid trying, with limited success, to fit all that hair under a trucker hat. (Egad, eat your heart out, Sideshow Bob!) Artifex takes its name from the Latin word for “artist” or “craftsman,” and you can definitely tell these beers are a labor of love from the first sip. If you’ve never even heard the name before, you clearly need to get out more often. Although they just recently started packaging their brews, such as the refreshing Unicorn Juice and the mighty Ahab IPA, their beers have been flowing from SoCal taps for nearly three years. Seek them out! We’ll make it easy for you by walking the line with Johnny and Cash and sampling some of their new releases (as well as core crowd pleasers) on tonight’s show. Bring on the IPA’s!

  • Artifexican Go-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-old! That’s what this Mexican-style lager medaled and that’s just what you’ll be hollering after one (or two…or three?) of these crazy, crushable beers. Brewed with a smidge of corn in the grain bill, fermented with a unique, south-of-the-border style strain of lager yeast, and then run through an old fashioned plate and frame filter, the result is an ultra-sparkling, gentle finishing session beer. 4.5 % abv.
  • Artifexit IPA Although they’re known for brewing West Coast IPA’s alongside the best in San Diego, Artifex voted to make an exit from that blessed union for once and celebrate the IPA’s English origins. This one’s jolly malty with just a hint of caramel to be sure, and the East Kent Golding hops give it a distinct from-across-the-pond earthiness. Nevertheless, the Centennial in dry hop and dry finish remind you we’re still in SoCal. 6.3% abv.
  • Trigger Finger IPA This has become a staple in the Artifex lineup. Rightfully so say we. Cascade and Mosaic hops give it an undeniable and irresistible juiciness that leave you feeling as if you’ve just been hit with a sack of oranges…in a good way. 6.8% abv
  • No Name IPA Packing a generous wallop of dank and piney hop aromas, this one’s a bit of a throwback and definitely an homage to old school San Diego IPA’s. The no-frills bitterness and clean finish definitely bring back memories. Well, some anyway. You can only remember so much after a few IPA’s, right? 7.5% abv
  • Optimal Zone IPA. Somewhere between the taut, brash bitterness of an IPA like No Name and the ripe and juicy luxuriance of Trigger Finger, lies the optimal zone. Cue up the Top Gun sound track and take a ride into it with this beer. 7.2% abv
  • Holidave Stout. Ring-a-ding-DING!!! We have a surprise beer tonight. NOT an IPA, but a big old American style stout. This one got a silver medal at the World Beer Cup and soon disappeared down the gullets of Artifex fans everywhere. If you missed it, don’t worry. The brewers managed to save a few gallons of this roasty, chocolatey heavyweight…and they’re currently resting in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels. Gives us all something to look forward to next year. 10.0% abv