Rock and Roll Happy Hour Featuring 3 Punk Ales Brewing Co.

August 11, 2017

With over a 150 breweries in this fair southland of ours, it’s easy to feel like a golden retriever in a room full of squirrels. Allow us to guide you to a brewhouse that just fired up for the first time this summer: 3 Punk Ales Located on the very happening 3rd Avenue strip in downtown Chula Vista, it is indeed a venture started up by three local punks, John, Kevin and Steve. With a passion for punk rock and local brew, the trio initially gypsy brewed on local brewhouses starting back in 2015. After slogging it out in a mosh pit of permitting, etc., they've finally landed and opened up their doors in the South Bay. Nice job,boys!

Tonight's beer lineup is as follows. Pay attention.

  • La Flama Blanca 5%
  • Morning After Pilz 5.5%
  • IPA Hole 
  • Needle In The Hey! 8.5%
  • Putin On The RIS 9.5%