New Brew Alert: Jacked Up Brewery

Escondido Gets Another Working Brewhouse

August 1, 2017

So you want to start a brewery.

In Escondido.

In 2017.

Good luck, champ.

First of all, there’s ONLY one other brewery in town. And it's a doozie: A giant gargoyle sitting astride a hilltop, lord of all he surveys. That casts a mighty big shadow.

Second, it seems like everything downtown, true to the municipality’s agricultural heritage, shuts down at 9pm. And get this: food trucks, a mainstay at most San Diego breweries, are expressly forbidden. Esco is a LONG way from North Park, friends.

Oh yeah, and just what are you going to call your brewery? With so many clever craft brewers dotting the map, it seems like all the greatest, cleverest names are already taken. Want that one? Taken. How about…Taken. Maybe—taken!

An aspiring brewmaster might simply shrug and say, “This is jacked up.” Which is just what co-founder Mike Poulson did. But he didn’t give up, nor did his fellow brewer and best buddy Brian McClure. Thus, Escondido’s newest brewery, Jacked Up Brewery was born. Located just east of the 15 in an unassuming industrial area off of Grand Ave., slow down or you’ll miss it. And you won’t want to  miss it. In the six months or so they’ve been open, they’ve become a favorite after work (or during) hangout for locals. Makes sense. Their beers are pretty damn good! Here are some staples that can be found on tap.

  • Red Rye Ale: Definitely a favorite among regulars, this brew has a creamy texture, pronounced maltiness with some rye spice, and a nice bitterness on the finish.
  • Pale Ale: Crisp and light with a sessionable ABV of 5.5. The generous addition of Simcoe and Citra hops remind you that you’re definitely in San Diego County.
  • Left Turn Only IPA: When you visit their brewery you will truly come to understand the origin of the beer’s name. When you order a pint you will truly come to understand why the beer is so popular.
  • Smoked Porter: Sigh…y’know, there used to be a wonderful smoked porter brewed in Escondido—and Jacked Up is keeping the tradition alive. Malts are smoked with cherry wood for a subtle, almost sweet smoky character. Delish.