Happy National IPA Day!

...Of Course, Everyday is IPA Day Here In San Diego!

August 2, 2018
Modern Times Critical Band

August 2nd is National IPA Day! It's not as if we actually need an excuse to chug down a pint of our favorite lupulin-laden, hoppy elixir--but heck, we'll take it! Here are Ken and Jeremy's Top Ten IPA's. Keep in mind there was no blind tasting panel, no carefully analyzed comparisons. Just the first IPA's that came to Jeremy and Ken's hop-crazed heads. Go find one and get into the spirit of the season. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Cheers!

Jeremy's Picks:

  1. Mike Hess--Solis*
  2. Modern Times--Critical Band*
  3. Societe—The Pupil*
  4. Belching Beaver—Phantom Bride*
  5. Russian River—Blind Pig*
  6. Lord Hobo Brewing—Virtuoso 
  7. New English—Pure And Simple 
  8. Deschutes—Fresh Squeezed*
  9. Port Brewing—Hop-15
  10. Saint Archer—Mosaic IPA

Ken's Picks:

  1. The Alchemist—Heady Topper
  2. Beachwood—Amalgamator
  3. Societe—The Pupil*
  4. Russian River—Blind Pig*
  5. Modern Times—Critical Band*
  6. Belching Beaver—Phantom Bride*
  7. Alpine—Duet
  8. Mike Hess—Solis*
  9. Deschutes—Fresh Squeezed*
  10. Kern River—Just Outstanding

* Winners according to both esteemed judges