Modern Times Festival of Funk

It's Phil's Psychedelia Circus...and the 20th of April. Coincidence?

April 20, 2018

Like, hey man, it's 4/20! Even though the Festival of Funk isn't happening until May, we're gonna take a wild ride tonight. We've got the Modern Times kids on board for a super-duper dilly of a show. Here's the lineup.

MT Moon Silver 4,200 lbs of fruit in a 60 bbl batch. Kettle soured. Strawberry, kiwi, guava. Damn.

Entrance "Grim Reaper Blues"
13th Floor Elevators "You're Gonna Miss Me"

MT Wizard of Graf Chapter 2 w/Cherries Cider world meets beer world meets wine world. Basque apples. Aged in amphorae. Rested on whole morenci cherries.Oh my.

Tame Impala "Be Above It"
The Black Angels "River of Blood"

MT Fountain of Paradise What is THIS beer? According to Brad “So many dank notes.” Bright tropical and a little bit of strawberry and vanilla on the finish. Hazy double IPA. On sale online. OMG this is juicy. The best parts of all the hops. Less than a week old. Enigma, nugget, citra and mosaic.

The Lemon Twiggs "Foolin' Around"
The Seeds "Can't Seem To Make You Mine"

MT Double Dry-Hopped Orderville is their most popular year round beer. This one's got 3x’s the amount of hops compared to the regular issue. Over 4 lbs per barrel.

The Blues MaGoos "We Aint Got Nothing Yet"
THe Yardbirds "Hear Full of Soul"

Monster’s Park Vanilla 10 TONS of vanilla. An irresponsible amount. 

Goat "Goatchild"