Featured Beer: Lord Hobo Angelica

Beat The Heat With A New England Wheat!

July 17, 2018

Think hazy beers are too gritty? Think wheat beers are too "meh..."? Think "New England Style" is just for IPA's? Well, dear friends and fellow imbibers, we say you've got some serious re-thinking to do! Introducing, straight outta Boston, Lord Hobo Brewing Co. They've recently started distributing their excellent Northeastern brews in our fair city, and we are absolutely in love!

With the recent heat and humidity descending upon us, we can think of few beers as uniquely and quaffably refreshing as Angelica New England-Style Wheat from Lord Hobo. Yes, it's a hazy, New England-style beer. Yes, it's a wheat beer. Yes, it's a departure from many of the West Coast IPA's and Mexican-style lagers that we are oh so gratefully familiar with. That's why we are challenging you to rethink and refresh yourself with this new kid in town. With just the right blend of bready goodness and tropical juiciness, this beer finishes dry and clean. Go get some from your favorite bottle shop. Now. You can thank us later.