February's Beer of the Month: Zumbar Imperial Stout from New English Brewing Co.

February 13, 2018

The Winter Olympics are upon us! And although it’s not nearly as chilly here in the SoCal as it is in PyeongChang, the cooler temps nevertheless beckon us towards a sipper that’s a bit heartier than a pilsner or a hazy IPA. And have we got just the brew for you! Introducing Zumbar Imperial Stout from our pals at New English Brewing Co. This stout has long been a favorite among locals who know, so if you’ve not yet sampled this smooth, dark and delicious drink, there’s no better time than the present. The brewers at New English added a whopping two pounds of locally roasted coffee from Zumbar (“El Mundo,” a proprietary blend of blend of Indonesian and Latin American beans) to this pleasantly bitter, semi-sweet ebony gem, and then topped it all off with a generous dose of 72% Cacao Belgian Chocolate during secondary fermentation. Because this beer itself is a gold medalist (GABF), it will pair quite nicely with watching the gold-winning aerial acrobatics of Shaun White and Chloe Kim…or just watching those crazy curlers frantically sweeping and shouting. Now that’s hilarious!

Of course, if winter sports aren’t your bag, there are definitely a few holidays in February that this beer will ably accompany as well. For example, if you’re celebrating S.A.D. (aka Single’s Awareness Day), we’d recommend pairing this robust, roasty brew with a great big, steaming bowl of chili. After all, it’s not like you’re gonna need to worry about blustery, bean-driven aftermath ruining a romantic moment, right? On the other hand, if Valentine’s Day is calling to you and that sweet thing of yours, this stout is sinfully good when paired with chocolates from our friends at So Rich! and Andrea’s Truffles. Oh, and don’t forget President’s Day. This beer will…er…definitely get you in the mood for that too! Honest.