Featured Beer: Respeto Mexican Lager from Mason AleWorks


June 19, 2018
Mason AleWorks Respeto Mexican Lager

Now that summer is officially almost here, we can think of no better beer for the beach, barbecue and general fun in the sun. Introducing Respeto Mexican Lager from Mason AleWorks. Mexican lagers have always been a behind-the-brewhouse, not-so-guilty pleasure among San Diego brewers, and while we still love our IPA’s, this easy-drinking, light bodied style has become an enormous hit in craft beer circles over the last few summers.

So what makes RESPETO stand out? Well, for starters, it’s a Mexican-style lager whose roots go back to Vienna, rather than Munich or Prague, meaning that it has a more toothy, malt forward character that presents a rich amber, rather than light yellow, pour into the glass. (Use that as a visual reference while you’re floating around the pool guzzling it straight from the can—which is fine with us!)The blend of Vienna and Pilsner malts, along with a dose of German Magnum and Hersbrucker hops, give it an incredibly smooth body with earthy undertones. The finish is light, citrusy and crisp and leaves you wanting more. A LOT MORE.

 And this just in: Respeto just took the gold medal at the 2018 Ensenada Beer Festival! That’s on par with winning a barbecue competition in Austin. And, by the way, this beer goes great with barbecue. And carne asada. And fish tacos. There are six cans per pack. Perfect. For you, that is. Buy another sixer for your friend. Cheers!