Crushing It With Iron Fist Brewing

Iron Fist Knocks It INTO The Park!

February 24, 2017

It’s been a rough year, San Diego sports fans, we know. The good news is that we still have a baseball team—and a world class ball park whose offering of craft beers simply can’t be beat. When opening day rolls around in April you’ll find Iron Fist has entered the lineup. In collaboration with Three Punk Ales, they’re brewing up a special pilsner that will be mark Iron Fist’s Petco Park debut.

“I Remember When This Was All Cow Pastures…”

But April is still a ways off, so in the meantime, the boys are treating us to some other Iron Fist treats right out of the tank. First up at bat is Logan Lager. At a sessionable 4.3% abv, this new brew is based on a pre-Prohibition Era pilsner recipe that was popular back in the days before some of San Diego’s original breweries—in places like Barrio Logan, now home to Iron Fist’s second tasting room, btw—were shuttered. Coming soon to a beer cooler near you!

Test Launch This One!

Looks like those crazy kids in Pyongyang are up to their rocket-launching shenanigans again. No worries—wait, what’s that up in the sky? Ah…who cares? Just grab a Counterstrike IPA and fuhgeddaboudit! With all those Galaxy and Citra hops you’ll be all smiles.

We Will Destroy You!

In case a single, West Coast style IPA isn’t enough for you, Iron Fist has upped the ante by doubling down on their Nelson The ImPALEr recipe and brewed up Nelson The Destroyer Double IPA. It clocks in somewhere north of 8% and is brewed entirely with Nelson Sauvin hops. Those New Zealand-grown hops aren’t easy to get a hold of, and neither is this big ol’ beer. Seek out and destroy one while you can.  

Ok, What’s For Dessert?

One of San Diego’s most prolific and beloved home brewers is none other than the mustachioed, Hawaiian-shirted Ken Schmidt. In addition to being famous for never wearing close-toed shoes or pants (should probably rephrase that—he just prefers shorts), Ken loves brewing up sweet surprises like his Chocolate Mint Stout. And WE love drinking them! He’s been collaborating with Iron Fist on this one for a while now, so it’ll be a minty-fresh and oh so chocolaty close-out tonight. Na Zdrowie!*

* Say it right, Frenchie! Na Zdrowie, for those of you unfamiliar with Slavic idioms, is the toast given when raising a glass in Poland. It’s pronounced “naz-droh-vee-yeh” and is one of the more (and probably few) polite and sophisticated things we’ll be blurting out between belches during the hour.