Casey Hearts Cocktails Presents Cutwater Spirits

Cocktails With San Diego's Newest Renamed Distillery

February 17, 2017

Join us for tonight’s show as we mix it up with the crew from Cutwater Spirits! While the term “cutwater” might be new to our listeners (it’s a bird, btw…and no doubt, Ken’s got another one of his ornithology lectures in store for us), names like “Fugu Vodka,” “Three Sheets Rum,” and “Old Grove Gin” definitely have a familiar ring to them. That’s because the very same folks who started Ballast Point way back before some of you kids were born have migrated from the aforementioned world famous brewery and established their award winning spirits under a new brand. At Rock & Roll Happy Hour we’ve always loved these locally distilled libations, and they have lubricated many a lively, if not always coherent, show.

If you have some of these bottles in your liquor safe already (whether it’s the old label or the new, it’s all high quality hooch) it speaks to your good taste. If you don’t, go out and grab yourself a handle or two. Then, once you’re back home and the car keys are back on the hook, tune in and mix up a crafty cocktail along with us! We’ve often said that the show is better when you’re drinking. You’ll find that Ken and Jeremy are smarter, funnier AND better looking. Trust us on that last one. Now let’s fire up the tiki torches and get this party started!   


DO try this at home:


Horchata Chi Chi—Kinda like a piña colada and kinda totally awesome!

2oz Fugu Horchata Vodka

1.5oz Coconut Cream

1.5oz Fresh Pineapple Juice

.5oz Fresh Lime Juice


Nolita—like a sexy negroni, but darker and delicious…er!

1oz Old Grove Gin

1oz Campari or St George Bruto 

.5oz Sweet Vermouth

.5oz Coffee Liqueur (Kalua is great)

2 dashes Bittermen's Xocolatl Mole Bitters

Lemon Twist


“Weekend at Burnie’s”—not an official name (yet) but a damn good one for this firecracker!

1oz Three Sheets Spiced Rum

1oz Fugu Habanero Vodka

1oz Lime Juice

.5oz Passionfruit Syrup

.5oz Cinnamon Syrup