Rock & Roll Happy Hour with Second Chance Beer

No Second Takes With This Crowd!

February 26, 2020
Second Chance is First and Foremost When It Comes to our Favorite Brews

Hoooooooo-wheee!!! Have we got a bunch of bad bananas in the studio tonight! With Second Chance Beer co-founder Curtis, head brewer Craig, brave brewer Ben and secret saboteur/tasting room manager Sarah at the wheel. (That’s just a metaphor. Rest assured, after this whomper of a show, no one was ACTUALLY driving—we all safely Ubered it home!) It is no secret that Ken and Jeremy play favorites with their favorite breweries, and that explains why so many Second Chance brews have been selected as featured beers over the years. So, without apologies, we invited the Second Chance crew back for another hour of power. Co-founder/Brewmaster/Nicest-Guy-In-Brewing Marty Mendiola and his gal were outta the country for this particular episode for a much needed vacation, and this quartet of delightful degenerates showed up in their place. Oh my! If you missed the show, you can catch the audio here. If you missed what we were drinking, here’s what was on the menu—and largely responsible for the mayhem that ensued. Cheers!

  • Mulligan Amber Ale (nee Irish Red) Graham crackers a plenty on your palate with this can of smooth, dry-finishing, slightly sweet, slightly toasty goodness! Simply one of the best red ales in the world. That’s all you need to know. 5.6%
  • Seize the Coffee IPA Brewmaster Marty’s and Mostra Coffee’s gift to non-morning types. Mostra’s custom roasted beans blend with the hops to produce a beautiful, if unexpected, perfect harmony. Sarah’s first love and a damn fine hangover cure. 7.0%
  • Destination Double Dank Double IPA A collaboration with hop growing giant Yakima Chief (several other select local brewers also teamed up with Yakima for their own collabs, so seek ‘em out!), Curtis boasts that this is Second Chance’s BEST DIPA EVER. Big, old school perfection. Yup. We agree. 8.8%
  • Tabula Rasa Toasted Porter And speaking of boasts, according to Ken, this is THE BEST porter in the world. He’s not alone in his opinion. Judges at the Great American Beer Festival have awarded this dark beauty the GOLD MEDAL IN THREE OUT OF THE LAST FOUR GABF COMPETITIONS. Nuff said. 6.2%
  • Coco Rasa The aforementioned brew just got supercharged with even more deliciousness in the form of cocoa nibs, vanilla beans, and toasted coconut. OMG. Get thee to a Costco. NOW! 6.2%

Second Chancers rockin' the airwaves

To listen to the downloadable segment of the show, click here