Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Mother Earth Brew Co

Wait, so you’re telling me "Tierra Madre" is Spanish for WHAT?

March 11, 2020
Mother Earth Mystic Alchemy Hazy IPA

Hard to believe, but it’s been ten years since Mother Earth Brew Co first fired up their  brew kettle and we’re celebrating that milestone tonight with our friends in true Mother Earth style. Slick talkin’ sales whisperer Kevin, brewer Kam and brewer Nick joined us in the studio to mark the occasion in style. The official 10th Anniversary Invitational Beer Fest takes won’t take place until May (the 16th to be precise), however, which presumably allows plenty of time to both plan ahead AND wait for the corona virus/zombie apocalypse to blow over.

Nick, Kevin, Ken, and Jeremy in ALT 949 studio

During the Friday night happy hour of hoppy power, here’s what we’re all guzzling around the campfire. So grab yerself a cooler full of cans, drink up, and listen to the podcast! Cheers!

  • Tierra Madre Lager Mother Earth’s latest addition to their core line-up is available in pretty yellow cans and on draft around town. So while you’re stockpiling TP, be sure to grab plenty of this delicious Mexican-style lager for Cinco de Mayo…or St Patrick’s Day! 4.7%
  • Cali Creamin’ “Creamsicle”  It was inevitable, folks. Mother Earth’s renowned beer that won over the “I-don’t-usually-like-beer” crowd now has a delicious twin. Brewed with real Valencia orange and vanilla (no phony stuff,) this brew tastes so much like its frozen treat namesake that you’ll be looking for a popsicle stick to lick after finishing the can. 5.0%
  • Mystic Alchemy “Hazy” IPA A far out IPA from the mysterious “Project X” Series. That means it’s a limited release that disappears as quickly as it appears, so stop staring at the trippy label and buy it NOW. NOW! 6.8%
  • Hop Diggity DIPA Originally brewed as part of the brewery’s all too seasonal “Resinator” Series, this beer now proudly carries the banner as Mother Earth’s flagship double IPA, and we couldn’t be more pleased. Intensely tropical, this really is a hophead’s dream, and one of our favorites. “Dry, drinkable, and dangerous.” Yup. 8.2%
  • 2019 Four Seasons (4S) “Winter” Guess what would happen if you took a box of those famous cookies—you know, the “thin” and “minty” kind in a green box—blenderized them, and then added a shot of bourbon for good measure? This is what would happen. Pure decadence. But seek it out now, as it’s a seasonal release from this past winter. 10.2%

A cooler full of motherly love