Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Burgeon Beer (12/06/19)

Planted in 2016. Rooted Locally. Ready to Grow.

December 11, 2019
Here's to three years of growth at Burgeon!

One of the first things you notice upon walking into Burgeon’s tap room is the tree. A mascot of sorts, representing the fact that Burgeon is deeply rooted in San Diego and continues to grow great beers. Burgeon hit the ground running astonishingly fast when they started up three years ago and their amazing Treevana IPA was proof positive that they were bound to blossom—burgeon if you will—among San Diego’s best breweries. They’re currently in the process of busting out into new space next door to accommodate more tanks full of amazing lagers, IPA’s and stouts and will be celebrating three years of branching out next month by throwing a Third Anniversary bash. Tonight we’ve got Burgeon’s maven of marketing Mackenzie Graham and smooth-as-silk suds slinger Cesar Torres in the studio. Here’s what we’re drinking.

  • Pistil Pilsner Germany, meet California. California, meet Germany. This one is simply a marvelous blend of Old World hops (Perle and Saphir) and San Diego brewing magic. Light on the palate, crisp and with a pleasant hop finish that we locals crave. Think you can have just one? Think again. 5.2%
  • Clever Kiwi Nelson-hopped Pilsner This is the beer that won IPA fanatic Mackenzie over to pilsners. Hops were hand selected by the brewers who made the trip all the way around the world to New Zealand. It was worth the trip. Just stupid good is what it is. 5.0%
  • Treevana IPA This is deservedly and irrefutably Burgeon’s Flagship Beer. It recently won “Best beer in San Diego” and there’s no doubt in our minds as to why.  An instantly recognizable classic, local classic IPA that is West Coast dry & bitter, but with a hint of tropical lushness. 7.3%
  • Juice Press IPA Cue up “Tequila Sunrise,” because this oh-so-juicy, hugely tropical marriage of East Coast and West Coast styles feels like a sunny morning on the beach down south. This hazy is remarkably clean on the finish and will wake up your taste buds. 6.8%
  • Reclaim the Wild First of all, one dollar from every pint of this IPA goes to the National Forest Foundation, who plant trees where they are most needed (such as the area surrounding last year’s Camp Fire up north). Admittedly, this is not a money maker for the brewery, but it gives back—20,000 trees have already been planted, thanks to this beer! It also gives you a peaceful, easy feeling and one hell of a satisfying pint. 6.5%

(If you miss the show, you can get the audio on demand download here.)