Featured “Dog Days of Summer” Beer: Pariah Brewing’s My Cat From Helles Lager

When It’s Hotter Than Hell, A Helles Tastes Swell!

August 21, 2019

News flash for locals who live west of I-5: it’s HOT! Jeremy and Ken, who live among the toasty, hilly hinterlands of inland San Diego County know this all too well. Good thing they had Pariah Brewing on the show last week. It’s an even better thing that Pariah head brewer/founder Brian Mitchell brought along a cooler full of My Cat From Helles Lager to help beat the heat.

With just enough hops for balance, a Helles Lager is typically every bit as light and crisp (helles is German for “bright”) as the more familiar Pilsner style, but with a somewhat smoother hop finish. And this one is the real deal: each crushable can contains a traditional Munich-style Helles Lager brewed with German malts and Czech hops. It’s an undeniably, diabolically delicious beer that would do Salem proud.

Salem. Pure, unadulterated E-v-i-l!

Salem the cat, that is. Pariah’s website describes Salem, in honor of whom the beer is brewed, as “a perpetually mischievous cat.” (In the studio, brewer Brian was a bit more direct when he talked about his frisky feline friend. Due to FCC regulations, however, we had to bleep over most of it. Sorry, Brian.) Suffice it to say, this wickedly wonderful way to stay hydrated is aptly named—even if the beer is light and the cat is dark.

My Cat From Helles clocks in at a sessionable 5.0% abv and has a crisp, but not overpowering, hop presence of 19 IBU. Available at the brewery and on tap around town for a limited time. CHEERS!