Alt 94/9 Rock & Roll Happy Hour Live from Urge Gastropub in Rancho Bernardo

Last Stop for San Diego Beer Week!

November 9, 2018

Ah, San Diego—a city that forks over more cheddar for beer and other grown-up beverages per capita than any other city in the US of A. The more we drink, the better we look! No wonder we’re America’s Finest City! (Weather’s not too shabby either.) And although EVERY week is Beer Week, we are indeed wrapping up the close of the official San Diego Beer Week this weekend. To wrap it up, we’re going back to one of our favorite beer and burger joints, Urge Gastropub  in Rancho Bernardo. (If you missed it, we did a live broadcast from Mason Ale Works’ fabulous new tasting room and kitchen in Carmel Valley last Friday. See the beers we enjoyed below.)

The Urge Empire first planted its flag in the improbable location of Rancho Bernardo—definitely a chardonnay and merlot neighborhood at the time)--nearly a decade ago and has matured into a gloriously cozy craft beer den that serves artisanal comfort food at its best. We couldn’t be more proud! Co-founder Grant Tondro is off gallivanting around the Grand Canyon State pouring Mason brews at beer dinners this week, so we’ll have to rely solely on Jeremy and Ken for “expert commentary.” You know what that means—more fart jokes. But the beer will be awesome and food fabulous so come hang out with us tonight at 7:00, or just listen in using your app, or turn the dial on your good old fashioned FM band-equipped wireless communications box to 94.9. Cheers!