Rock & Roll Happy Hour: Pariah Brewing Co.

“We don’t even care if it tastes like beer.”

August 21, 2019

Pariah Brewing, hailed as San Diego’s Best New Brewery by San Diego Magazine when it first opened a couple of years ago, has recently ramped up its canning to two runs a month. People DEMAND it, according to Head Brewer Brian Mitchell. And just who are these people? Well, Jeremy and Ken for starters. We’ve been hanging out with Brian, who joined us in-studio along with the brewery’s beer slinger-around-town Dante Fraioli, since he struck out on his own a couple of years ago and started a brewery that is—well, just as “quirky” as he is. Not the type of folks who are bound by tradition, the Pariah gang like to play spin the bottle when it comes to combining styles and approaches. Thank goodness. Here’s what’s  on tap for tonight’s show:

  • My Cat From Helles A delicious lager brewed in honor of a cat (a “little f***ing bastard,” as lovingly described by Brian) who has a habit of marching in at midnight and yowling at top decibel. 5.0% abv
  • Refill Material An unabashed citrusy celebration that immediately became Pariah’s best seller. Described by Dante as a “San Diego Style Hazy,” which is to say it’s more crisp and chuggably dry than a true New England-style hazy IPA. 6.0% abv
  • Pine by Yakima There is no denying the distinct fragrance of Christmas trees and grapefruit wafting through the air when you crack open a can of this brew. You can thank the outrageous amounts of Chinook and Centennial hops for that. Full bodied and smooth (thank you, oats!), this beer is a trip you’ll want to take. 7.0% abv
  • Lebron Haze This bodacious brew is “double dry-Hopped with a “f*** ton” of Australian-grown Galaxy hops. “This is stupid,” says Brian. “If I worked for someone else, I could never get away with this.” Damn that’s delicious, full-on juice bomb territory we’ve landed in. 7.5%
  • Smylex Just brewed using the 2019 crop of New Zealand Nelson hops. This beer was just five days old when the boys brought it to the studio. This one will put a smile on ANYONE’S face, Batman included. 7.5%