Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Benchmark Brewing

Because We Just Love, Love, LOVE Beer Flavored Beer!

February 22, 2019

Our good friends Matt and Rachel Akin are back with Jeremy and Ken in the studio this week…and, of course, they’re bringing along PLENTY of beer flavored beer. After all, that’s Benchmark’s specialty—and boy howdy, do they do a fan-#*@%ing-tastic job with it! Here’s a preview of the beers in store for this evening:

  • Tarts Table Beer This refreshing brew does indeed use Benchmark’s unrivaled Belgian style table beer as the base. However, brewer/part-time-mad-scientist Matt has been tinkering away with a bottle of Cantillon down in the lab and created his own sour ale masterpiece. 4.0 %
  • Brown Ale For all those who think brown ale is boring, forget about a certain mass produced brown for the UK (we can’t mention brand names, but it’s made in Newcastle…) and try the real deal. Keep in mind, Matt hates, HATES sweet, wimpy brown ales. This beauty, on the other hand, is perfectly balanced with hints of nuttiness and cocoa. And the finish is so crisp and dry, you’ll want another right away. Someone gimme a mushroom cheeseburger STAT! 4.5%
  • Feisty Fleur Belgian-style Tripel This is the “big sister” of Benchmark’s famous table beer. Originally brewed for the 1st anniversary of Brothers Provisions, Jeremy and Ken can’t wait to try it. And at an abv of 9.0%, the show should get real interesting real fast at this point…
  • Survey Series #5 IPA Here’s another brew that’s fresh out of the tank that should prove to be stellar. A haze-free “brut” IPA (i.e., you can see through it and it’s got a clean, bone-dry finish) brewed with two old friends of ours named Citra and Simcoe. Cheers!