Rock & Roll Happy Hour Featuring Bagby Beer!

How About A Boot Full Of Beer? Helles Yes!

August 3, 2018

This is San Diego, where beer geeks abound, constantly clamoring away for big, blasting and innovative brews. That’s all well and good, but veteran San Diego brewer Jeff Bagby has a different take, and he doesn’t mince words about it. “Just make drinkable beer,” he says. “Keep it fun and make clean, quality beer. All the time.” And that’s why he’s bringing us large quantities of cool, crisp lagers tonight. Hell, it’s hot outside, and what better way to cool off? OK, we’ll throw in an IPA just for good measure. (After all, we may be contrarians, but we’re not total @$$h*les.) Pour yourself a tall one and listen in! Cheers!