Featured Beer: Societe Brewing's "The Pugilist" Dry Irish Stout

What are YOU gonna drink this Saint Paddy’s Day?

February 20, 2019

So, what’ll ya have for Saint Patrick’s Day this year? Green beer? WRONG! (Making a cheap beer green doesn’t make it taste any better. Duh.) Irish Coffee? WRONG! (It’s a waste of sweet, sweet whiskey and does nothing to flatter the goodness of a local roast.) Or maybe that famous beer from the Old Sod with a harp on the label. Well…you’re getting warmer. But why lay down your hard earned cheddar for an overpriced, not-so-fresh, mass distributed stout? After all, your friendly local brewery makes one that’ll make you feel lucky and your palate sing.

Introducing The Pugilist Dry Irish Stout from Societe Brewing.

Thanks to Societe brewers’ masterful blend of roasted barley, oats and Golding hops, this is a wonderfully balanced stout—not heavy, but plenty roasty, and without any of those acrid, burnt rubber notes that sometimes present themselves in the bigger brands. Heck, it's not for nothing that the Pugilist won silver at the World Beer Cup AND ranked among the best stouts IN THE WORLD according to Paste Magazine . Furthermore, Societe co-founder Doug Constantiner says “It’s like thirty violins blending together perfectly.” Of course, we don’t know where he got the number “30” from, or (avowed metal head that he is) which of his favorite Mastodon tunes actually features violins, but we’ll take his word for it. Better yet, pick up a growler at the brewery or grab a pint around town and taste for yourself.

A Perfect pint: Pour it into a pub glass at a slant and then, halfway through, turn the glass upright for a hard pour. It should also be around 45 degrees Fahrenheit, so as not to obscure any delicate aromatics and flavors. Remember, dry stouts are meant to be drunk in QUANTITY (and of course, responsibly--there, you happy, legal department?) so feel free to take the day off and drink it all day long. Which is what Ken’s been doing. Nuff said.

Suggested pairings include corned beef sandwiches, potato boxty, Irish cheese and/or a belligerent attitude. Slainte!