Rock & Roll Happy Hour: Pure Project Brewing

Pur(e)ple Haze. Groooooooovy.

August 12, 2019

Here at Rock & Roll Happy Hour we try not to play favorites when it comes to inviting breweries on the show. Of course, we don’t really try all that hard.

That explains why Mike and Chris from Pure Project Brewing are joining us (again) for another show. We absolutely LOVE their beers. Plus, they’ve just opened a spectacular tap room in Bankers Hill, just a few steps away from Balboa Park. So if you’re looking for a place to re-hydrate after a day at the zoo or playing disc golf or edu-ma-cating yourself at San Diego’s finest museums, look no further!

Since the brewery’s founding in 2015, Pure Project has developed a cult-like following with their haze-a-licious beers and their unwavering commitment to crafting masterpieces--ALL while saving the planet! (1% of Pure Project's sales are turned over to Earth-sustaining organizations like Surfrider Foundation and The Conservation Alliance.) So you can score a couple more good karma points while enjoying a globally-inspired beer that is brewed locally.

Tonight’s lineup: 

  • Rain Unfiltered Pilsner Don’t let the name fool you, this perfect pilsner is clear as the summer sky. A lager by definition has had a long cold rest in the tank, allowing all the haze to settle out. And this is pure pilsner, indeed, using a single German malt and a single German hop (Hallertau-mittelfruh) in the recipe. Available at tasting room...RIGHT NOW!
  • La Vie en Rosé Saison Ahh, yes. We could sit here all night long listening to Chris prouncounce this one. Brewed with organic hibiscus from Burkina Fasso and local honey from citrus groves in Valley Center Brewed continuously since they first opened their doors.
  • Formless Reflections IPA. A murky quarterly core IPA. Biotransformation allows the hop quality to remain and not fade away. Pine, white grape and peach notes burst out everywhere. So balanced it'll make ya cry when it's gone.
  • Tuanis “Sour” “A piece of art” is what Mike calls it. Pure Project teamed up with the local java roasters at Café Mostra, who supplied ample amounts of Costa Rican Las Lajas coffee ( known for tart earthiness, with a dry, honeyed finish). The brewers are also using the coffee cherry, rather than the roasted seed {aka, coffee bean), balances this phenomenal brew's notes of cherry jam with bright acidic sweetness. And THEN one's mind is blown by a ingering chocolate/coffee aromatic that wasn't expected. Whoah!
  • POG Euphorik Feral Ale This is not what you think (Passionfruit, Orange, and Guava juice bomb?). It's a wild ale, aged in barrels, where the fruits, feral critters (friendly microbes) and French Oak work their triumverate magic as they dance to a tuned played by a propietary yeast strain that Brewer Winslow has been cultivating for years. It's definitely mimosa time with this one.