Featured Beer: Eppig Brewing Festbier

Roll Out The Crowlers! It's Oktoberfest!

September 25, 2018

Ah, fall is finally here. Not much foliage change around these parts, but there is a certain coolness in the air along with…hey, is that the smell of fresh pretzels!? Wait…is somebody cooking brats!? Holy cow, is that Ken wearing lederhosen!?

You bet it is, meine freunden! Oktoberfest is upon us and we’ve got just the brew for you. Eppig Brewing's Festbier is the perfect fit for your one liter stein. Or red Solo cup. Whichever you prefer drinking from in your favorite biergarten. But a proper glass is best, so be sure to head over to Eppig's fabulous harbor view tasting room for their Oktoberfest celebration on Saturday 9/29! And don't forget your lederhosen.

Now, about this beer. Traditionally, an Oktoberfest-style beer is a marzen lager. That is, a somewhat malty lager (unlike the light ‘n hoppy pilsner lager) brewed in the spring and cellared throughout the summer for a smooth autumn sipper. However, if you’ve been to THE Oktoberfest in Munich recently, you’ll recall that throughout the festival a very light, dare we day “sessionable,” lager is what’s on tap. In keeping with the times, therefore, the folks at Eppig have released in cans (and just in time for this blessed event) their Natural Bridge series Festbier, a light bodied lager that has more depth than a typical pilsner, but is much more crisp and not quite as malty as a typical marzen. At 6.0% ABV, you’ll definitely want to build a base of pretzels, brats and sauerkraut before downing that quart-sized mug! So good, it’ll have you singing “Festbier ist das beste bier” in no time. Prost!