Featured Beer: Buenos Tiempos Mexican-Style Lager from Belching Beaver

"Buenos Tiempos" Translates To A "Dam Good Time"

March 21, 2019

Ever ask a brewer what they drink to keep themselves refreshed while wielding the mash paddle over a steamy brewhouse? It’s typically NOT a hazy IPA or a pastry stout (as delicious as they are sometimes), rather, it’s something lighter, crisper and…well…often cornier. It’s a style that lends itself well to camping—whether on a beach in Baja or in a tent at Coachella—and it’s almost ALWAYS available in cans. The favored chuggable (ahem…“sessionable”) choice for many brewers has long been the much maligned light lager, preferably one hailing from south of the border. And now the latest development in the Mexican-style lager love affair comes from Belching Beaver, Buenos Tiempos Mexican-style Lager.

Haven’t heard of it? You will. Especially if you join the BB folks at any of their taproom locations around town this Saturday. (Yes, as in mañana! Aye carumba!) As with any good fiesta, these celebrations will include great food, music and lively crowds. Check it out!

As for the beer, it’s hard to miss with its festive packaging. And you won’t be disappointed with what’s inside. Brewmaster Thomas Peters says that a well-made Mexican-style lager should be clean and crisp, with subdued hops and just a hint of corn sweetness on the back end. Yup, it’s all there! Perfect for laid back, warm weather days. They’re finally here, after all, and so is a beer that accompanies them perfectly. Salud!