Preview released of new Coronado Bridge LED Light Show

May 7, 2019

By Bryce Rosen

In very cool news, the Port of San Diego has given a preview of the newly "lit up" Coronado Bridge. There is still much more testing, funding and planning to complete the full LED installation across the two-mile span, however, this was considered a successful dress rehearsal.

“We’re so excited we have passed this first milestone with the lights, which are maritime-rated, being tested successfully,” said Port Commissioner Marshall Merrifield. “The pixels are calibrated very precisely, and you have every gradation of the blue and red scales and so on, so you can have this enormous variety and different intensity.”

“We had never tested LED luminaires on the pillars before, and what we’ve been able to do over several nights is see how these lights can softly bathe the pillars,” explained Yvonne Wise, the port’s director of arts and activation. “And we wanted to see what happens when you shoot the light from the bottom and from the top.”

Once completed the possibilites are endless, coordinating for holidays, events and even syncing with the San Diego Symphony performances.