Marshmello And Bastille Debut A Much Happier Video For "Happier"

If you're still traumatized by the original, this one is for you

December 4, 2018
Marshmello x Bastille

Ian Gavan / Stringer

We've been in recovery for months since watching the original video for "Happier." The Bastille and Marshmello hit has been inescapable, but so has the sweet and sad images of that clip.

The original video features the story of a young girl who receives a puppy for her birthday. The two grow together, and the dog is there for her through all of her tough times at school. When the others make fun of her braces, the dog is there to comfort her and make her smile, until, the dog gets sick. This leads to the heartbreaking scene at the vet, where we learn that the dog isn't going to make it. She breaks down when she hears the news, but one last time, the dog extends a paw to comfort her in the time of need.

The whole thing ripped our heart out. We cocooned in blankets for weeks and only watched The CW. We only ate Tostitos dipped in ice cream until we found the strength to face the world again. Go ahead, watch it yourself, cancel your holiday plans though because it will wreck you. 

Thankfully, they have released a happier video for the song this week, one without any dying dogs and 100 percent more Marshmello and Dan Smith. Check out the alternate version of the "Happier" video.

For more from Marshmello, check out this Keith Urban cover of "Happier".

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