Meet Your Coachella Winners: BRIANA B. & JOEY M.

February 3, 2017

FM 949 is San Diego's Alternative, and the station with the most chances for you to snag a pair of SOLD OUT Coachella wristbands during the Super Mega Colossal Coachella Giveaways. We're sending so many San Diego winners to the desert, we're starting to lose track, so we thought we'd do a little roll call, and make sure everyone is present and accounted for. If you want to see YOUR name on the roster, sign up right now below, then set your alarm, and start listening to FM 949 for 13 chances every weekday to hear your name, call us back in 9 minutes and 49 seconds to 619-570-1949, and to claim your wristbands to #Coachella2017.

Joey was working in Palm Springs when his fiance called and told him to call FM 949...and he got through to us with only THIRTY seconds left before his chance at sold out wristbands escaped him!! Joey and his fiance were already planning a week-long getaway during Coachella anyway, so why not add it to the list of things to do! He's stoked to see bands like Radiohead, Two Door Cinema Club and more! Be like Joey and win your passes to the desert!

Briana was having a pretty bad Friday morning (her words) watching President Trump's inauguration...until her friend sent her a message to call FM 949 ASAP and win Coachella wristbands!! So sign up and be listening and maybe your friends at FM 949 can turn one of your bad days into a GREAT day!!

Briana and Joey are just two of the many winners to #supermegacolossalcoachella but we're still looking for more!! Be our next winner by texting COACHELLA to 61749!! #msganddataratesapply #fm949sd #coachella2017 #ShockAndAwesome

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