lovelytheband at Indie Jam 2018

September 8, 2018

Not until recently you'd never heard of lovelytheband, but as of 2018 you cannot get enough of them with their hit single "Broken".  Rising to the top of the Billboard Rock chart in June, 2018 and releasing their debut album in August, lovelytheband is not going anywhere.  They've toured with The Wrecks and La Bouquet this year and you can see them live at Indie Jam!

After 9 weeks at #1 on the alt charts, the band says that it’s all been pretty surreal. “There’s been a lot of full circle moments, like playing shows like this and other festivals and meeting bands we listen to.”

​“I think a goal is to make the lovelytheband show the best show we can make it and deliver it to the people that like to listen to our music. Hopefully a year from now we’re still going strong.”​