Is drone-delivered Uber Eats coming to San Diego?

Uber Eats testing drone delivery service with McDonald’s here in San Diego

June 12, 2019

Uber has been testing food delivery via drone right here in San Diego. If the tests meet Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval, it could officially launch drone-delivered Uber Eats this summer in San Diego.

The trials have been in partnership with McDonalds, though Uber Eats plans to expand the program to other restaurants soon.

How does it work? Well, the drone won’t be showing up right to your doorstep. 

Once the order is ready for delivery, the restaurant will load the order into a specially designed box and attach the box to the drone. An Uber Eats driver near the food’s final destination will meet the drone at a drop-off location, and then the driver will hand deliver the order to the customer.

Check out the testing process in Uber’s video below.

The goal of drone-delivered Uber Eats is to cut down delivery times by using the drone to get the order most of the way very quickly.

According to Uber, this would be the first time drones have been used for food delivery in high-density areas commercially. Uber’s plans are to land the drones atop parked 

Last year, Uber and San Diego won the bidding process with the FAA to test the delivery service here.