Storm wreaks havoc on Lions Tigers & Bears Animal Sanctuary

And how you can help them recover

February 15, 2019

Non-profit animal sanctuary Lions Tigers & Bears in Alpine was hit hard by yesterday's powerful rainstorm, which left quite a mess of their grounds.

The good news is that the animals are all safe, and have been sheltered from the storm. The bad news is that the property needs to be re-graded, excess mud and water removed, and new underground piping installed. Expenses are adding up quickly.

If you're able to help, Lions Tigers & Bears is accepting donations on their website here.

The damage was described on their Facebook page: "Fortunately, the animals are all safe and sheltered in their dens, but the pools are overflowing, muddy rivers have been carved throughout the property, our barn - which houses our surgery room and gift shop - has flooded and our downstairs office and volunteer area have taken on water as well. A major clean up effort is in store, as soon as this storm passes."

Lions Tigers & Bears is a no kill, no breed, no sell facility dedicated to allowing animals the opportunity to live their lives with dignity and in a safe environment. They're accredited by both the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association.

If you're able to donate, please consider -- every dollar will help them get the facility back up and operating!