San Diego City Council Votes "NO" on Skateworld Sale

Good news for the Linda Vista roller skating rink

April 8, 2019

photo courtesy of Skateworld

The San Diego City Council voted today against the proposed sale of the property occupied by Skateworld that would have replaced the skating rink with a big box retail store.

The vote, which was originally scheduled for March 18th and later postponed, came after the City of San Diego announced plans to sell the property.

The Stang family, owners of Skateworld hoped would be their opportunity to purchase the property, but instead were told that it would be sold to a developer who planned to replace the rink with a big box store.

The vote against the sale will re-open the bidding process on the property and give the owners of Skateworld another chance to participate in the bidding process.

The San Diego community rallied in support of Skateworld, sharing concerns over losing another family-friendly hangout in the community, and a losing a piece of San Diego history. A petition gathering more than 19,000 signatures at the time of the City Council vote.

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Dana & Jayson checked in with Christina Stang to talk about the good news! Listen below.