May 4th, 5 Minutes of Video Games w/ Jeremy and Hamby

Star Wars, Ratchet and Clank

May 4, 2016

May 5th 5 Minutes of Video Games with Jeremy and Hamby

Wednesday, May 4th

Jeremy and Hamby sit down for 5 minutes of Video Game conversations on May 4th.  May the 4th be with you Star Wars fans. We were very proud we didn't wear the same hat this time. We discuss a new Star Wars game from the makers of Titanfall and Ratchet and Clank as well as Vans Mario Bros. shoes!


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Welcome to five minutes of video game news it's Jeremy and hand be it dates to offer us if you kind of proud we managed to put this the end of two days in a row back to baton may the fourth they would feel good program is be with you as well and where Democrats than it thank god actually had done but I figured since I'm wearing my console scoundrel T shirt. It would probably best to leave the the storm trooper trooper teacher in the car ought to Illinois Iowa with the alliance symbol in the gen hi hat. There's he's almost like you're scoundrel shared minutes Jana this. Look like the Major League Baseball yeah. I Edwards are Orson Killen we Smallville I guess there's critical thing to have a Star Wars today in the videogame world. A Reese on the guys who are the studio for tightened follow announced they're gonna be doing a third person action adventure. A joint ever Whipple Lucas arts and EA games. Which we can only imagine is going to be heavily Star Wars based I mean I'm very excited. Cautiously optimistic. Cautiously optimistic yak is there's noted there's no. Who's the main character what's the art style look like what's the story line like what's the hook why don't I wanna play this game what's you know. We don't know anything I'm very excited about that pedigree of the developer and and of course E. A. SPORTS an area EAN. Sowers but I'm kind of hoping for like a home and a new. Ramp to a modernized version of knights of the Old Republic that would be great I don't know if those guys a day at the studio to do that may be. A game that plays like what was is it battlefront. That was the Saarland battlefield. And battlefront battlefront maybe you've played like a single player version of battlefront maybe that's what they're going for. Doubtless be really really cool you know I with all that online games and I was I was thinking about this. I yesterday after we have we talked. That there's sole many games that have. Switched to that. Fool online multiplayer business model mean. They're very few games is just heavy. Solid. Single player's story that are kind of in the news right now everything is is it's it's it's in the knowledge that when you do have one on the top experts in and that's why did you rationing client through the I thought I. The single player experience at its hottest. Selling game of its franchise here in. PS for land when it debuted back on PlayStation 2 it's been around for awhile. I just I wondered that you know with people like me who. I I enjoy my anger my destiny like my massive multiplayer online but you know I don't always live in the online world I think. This this whole thing with ratchet and clank hitting their you know that the fastest selling game in franchise history. That I think a lot of people want a return to that single place storyline occasionally well I think people on the single player storyline which interestingly enough. Developer is always talk about they don't have the data on the back into support. A us wanting single player but yet they do 'cause I've heard a lot of times where they say. You know eight presented to play the game and they don't play the multiplayer Shiite so 80% of people want this election but I think practically gives is just it really. Really game I think that it they had a chance to meet a good game and not just make a sequel atop the sequel it correspondent with the new movie which. Kind of bombed over the weekend but I don't know if you really call the bombing was the main goal to sell the movie or it was a sell video years toys. A video games and toys so that it didn't mom is marketing its marketing act. And if Italy four million dollars of the box out as an aim at four million dollars in the box office so well and what was the production neither of them moving aiming point as one million. Oh no they don't their money just online streaming and on and on dvd and Blu-ray sales and then. The merchandising for the movie which attaches to the game a lot of money I think there Williams and make a lot of money. Vans. Yes dude the chute and off sheared junkies can have something else to put on their Christmas list shopping or exceeds its more like. Next month vans and that when Nintendo for a whole eight bit. Heroes line of shoes and talking legend of Zelda I'm talking Donkey Kong Mario sneaker. Sandals T shirts yes funny enough the ones that actually stood out we were princess peach. I think if you guys if you have a article in her mind and I think it's because it's a blue to dark blue van. Which princess peach whose pink and white and yellow. So it's like pink and white yellow characters all of these dark blue vans so when I was scrolling down the page so that you know that you both. I was like an off highlight these way. They're sick to stick it. I wonder they're between them in kids' sizes because my two year old as the most fashionable person I know I guarantee you. If they have those and kids size as I will be buying them for are nice I I I really don't see me walking around with that with princess peach bans on my feet higher I can and unfortunately you rock that. Well we'll talk about that more tomorrow are five minutes are up you have a great afternoon and and I MB. This Dubai gravity games.