Can Vs. Bottle?!

What is better?

August 24, 2016

You might have strong opinions about this, but the website wanted to figure out once and for all whether beer is better in cans or bottles . . . and they claim CANS are the clear winner.

They didn't just base it on how the beer tastes though.  Here are the three main reasons they went with cans . . .

Cans weigh less, so they're more convenient.  A six-pack weighs about five pounds, compared to seven-and-a-half pounds with bottles.  So when you take your recycling out, the bag will weigh two-and-a-half pounds less if you buy cans.

Beer doesn't last as long in a bottle.  Brown beer bottles block out 99% of the light they're exposed to.  But if they sit on the shelf for a while, that 1% can mess with the taste a little bit.  And aluminum cans block out 100% of the light rays.

Cans are better for the environment.  They're a little easier to recycle.  And since they weigh less, they're cheaper to ship.  So it takes less gas to get them from point A to point B, which means less carbon-dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere.

Apparently some traditional-style beers HAVE to come in bottles though, because they keep fermenting after they're brewed.  So they'd explode if they were in a can.

And obviously some people think bottled beer just tastes better.  But according to the article, cans actually do a better job of preserving the taste.

Let me know what YOU think!