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Jack [WATCH]: The Quarantine Talent Show Mid-Week Round-Up

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April 8, 2020

Another day at home, another opportunity to spray the interweb with a handful of our most talented friends! Since you're stuck in lockdown with nothing but your wits and a cell phone, might as well get virtually famous with the Alt 949 Quarantine Talent Show! Just post a photo or video on Instagram with the tags #alt949radio and #alt949talentshow and we might feature your account, and your talent, right here on our website homepage! Remember, talent is a term used loosely, so regardless of the fact your talent might range from opera singer to double jointed, we want to see them! Check out our mid-week round-up below!

Here is a bit of my performance of the song Golden Touch at the Ramona Country Fair. You can see the full video at #alt949radio #alt949talentshow #QuarantineTalentShow

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Lately things they don’t seem the same—

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