Alt 949 Quarantine Talent Show

Jack [WATCH]: Alt 949 Quarantine Talent Show

A chance for your big break! Get featured on our homepage!

March 26, 2020

Since Jack knows all of us are basically "working" from home, binging shows online, and making silly videos and memes for our friends, he figured this might be a good opportunity to use wacky videos and social media to help give real talented San Diegans their big break with the Alt 949 Quarantined Talent Show! Just post your photos or videos showing you doing anything (musicians, singers, commedians, jugglers, beatboxers, magicians, WHATEVER) and use the #alt949radio and #alt949talentshow and YOU could get featured RIGHT HERE on the Alt 949 website HOMEPAGE! Check out a few of our Thursday favorites!!!!

Music to be quarantined to! @alt949radio @withinaweekband #alt949radio #alt949talentshow #carelesswhisper

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Here’s my entry for your talent show @alt949radio -------- • 1. Words and directions are clearly hard & 2. Get your practice in and have fun. K, bye. • #alt949radio #alt949talentshow

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Safe and Sound -- just cause I love this song and felt like doing a cover ------ #safeandsound #music #cover #iguessisoundokay #alt949radio #alt949talentshow

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