The Walking Dead - *SPOILERS*

Season 7 Episode 2

October 30, 2016

Was that a TIGER?!  This week on The Walking Dead we are introduced to King Ezekiel and his tiger Shiva (HIS FREAKING TIGER?!) as well as The Kingdom.  As a fan of the comic books it's exciting to get to this point of the story because of how it opens up and introduces a wider world but also because this is right around the time I stopped reading the comic.  The show debuted around this time in the books so I made the choice to just enjoy the show. We learn that Morgan likes what he sees at The Kingdom.  Carol gets to leave and not leave The Kingdom, setting up as a neighbor to these new folks.  We learn Ezekiel and Shiva's backstories and even find out The Saviors (Negan's people) are getting weekly rations from The Kingdom as part of the same arrangement Rick just agreed to last week in the premiere.  The twist being that The Kingdom feeds the hogs the undead and fill their guts with bile and then deliver the fat pigs to Negan's people.  I wonder who from The Kingdom Negan made an example of? Maybe that kids dad? Regardless, Ezekiel and The Kingdom were a welcome addition to the show, and even with Carol representing the cynic in all of us, I quite enjoyed "The Circus". Sometimes you just have to have hope. And do nice things because it makes you feel good.  And HUGE welcome to Khary Payton joining the cast as Ezekiel. Khary is well known as a Voice Actor with roles such as Aqua Lad on Young Justice and Cyborg on Teen Titans. Also I could'nt find the gif yet, but if there isn't a gif of Jerry saying "Deuces" by morning, I will riot. - hamby