Transformers: Earth Wars #Review and #Interview


February 24, 2017

Hey guys!  As many of you know, I came back to being in radio and joining FM 949 after I had started Live Streaming me playing video games and hanging out with a live chat room.  I started HambyPlaysGames because I love playing games.

Since last Summer during the height of the PokemonGo craze and my subsequent trip down the rabbit hole that is 20 years of Pokemon games, my friend AutobotSketch (online screen name), has been telling me I've got to check out Transformers: Earth Wars.  Sketch and I became friends during my Live Streaming days and he knows well my love of the Transformers franchise.  So I finally picked up Transformers: Earth Wars for FREE in the App Store.  I'm on an iPhone6 for this review.  While the game and App are free, their are tons of in app purchases that can set you back a ton of money for a "free" game but none of it is required to play and enjoy the game.  The game is a lot of fun.  I'm playing as the Autobot Faction and having a blast unlocking favorites and leveling them up for more battles.  Check out some screen shots, and more of the game below and also an interview with Chris White, Product Owner for Transformers: Earth Wars from Space Ape Games.

The Interview:

(Hamby) Hi Chris!  Could you tell us a little bit about yourself, the game and the company?  Do you have a favorite band?

(Chris) I’m Chris and I’m the product owner on Transformers: Earth Wars. Transformers: Earth Wars is a mobile strategy game that we launched back in June 2016. Since then it’s gone from strength to strength and we now have over 100 playable characters in the game!  Transformers: Earth Wars sees Megatron, evil leader of the Decepticons, on the hunt for a powerful Artifact, and their search has brought them to Earth.  It’s up to Optimus Prime and the Autobots to stop them.  As a player, you can choose which side to join, heroic Autobot or evil Decepticon. You must establish a base on Earth and build up a team of Transformers characters to attack the opposite side. You can team up with a group of other players and form an alliance to fight the enemy.

Space Ape is an award winning mobile games studio based in London, England. We’re a team of about 100 people from all over the world, including designers, developers and artists. We’ve also released Rival Kingdoms and Samurai Siege, and have a number of games in development right now.

With regard to my favourite band, I’ve always been a fan of 80s hip-hop and electro, so I would go for Public Enemy. In terms of Transformers music, I like the instrumental Vince DiCola score from the original animated movie which is full of iconic synths of the era.

(H) What platforms can the game be played on?  Any plans to expand to other platforms?  I would love to play this on my Amazon Fire tablet. ;)

(C) You can play the game on Android and iOS devices.  Right now we’re focused on new features for the game, as opposed to adding more platforms.

(H) I chose Autobots for my Faction, are you Autobot or Decepticon?

(C) I’m an Autobot, but I have to say that the Decepticons have the most interesting set of personalities. They’re the most amusing characters to write for; they’re like a dysfunctional family and there’s always drama unfolding!

(H) What was your personal introduction to the Transformers Universe?

(C) I distinctly remember asking my parents to get me a Transformer for my fifth birthday. This would have been late 1984. My Dad thought I meant an electrical transformer, but it worked out well in the end and I received Powerglide.  From that moment on I’ve been a big fan. I used to read the Marvel comic and watch the TV series like a lot of kids. Then when the comic finished in 1992, I joined a Transformers fanclub which produced a fanzine and had regular meet-ups. Nerd out!  The campaign story-line and bot bios in the game are actually written by Simon Furman, who wrote many issues of the original Marvel comic and the voices are performed by Peter Cullen and Frank Welker from the animated show.

(H) I wanted to give my review some time, and try and play through the "single" player storyline.  I was amazed by the Combiners!  I'm still trying to finish but the execution of the combiners and using them on a map was a ton of fun.  How do you guys determine what Transformers to introduce to the game next? And keep the game balanced?

(C) At the start, we focused on the characters players would identify with, be fun to use in battle and add a sense of character to the game. I mean, you can’t have a Transformers game without personalities like Grimlock and Starscream!

Now that we’ve introduced such a wide and varied selection of characters we’re looking for bots that will either provide new gameplay possibilities or be visually distinct. For example, we’re currently developing a teleport ability.

Whilst the Combiners are perhaps the coolest bots we’ve introduced since launch, personally, I was thrilled when we introduced Octopunch. He looks like a deep sea diver crossed with an Octopus. What more could you possibly want from a transforming bot?

(H) I was able to play through two weekend events and am looking forward to this upcoming weekend and trying to earn Perceptor.  Do you have weekend events every weekend?  Do you have Seasonal Events?  

(C) Events usually start on a Friday and run through till Monday. There are a number of different types of events. Some involve teaming up with your alliance, others are are easy going and you can play them individually at your own pace. Events sometimes introduce new characters  you can obtain, and we’re always working on making our events as interesting as possible. Right now, we’re improving how we deliver the story and dialogue that is unveiled as you play through the event.

(H) If people are looking for more info, live streams, videos, tips.  Where can they go?

There’s a stream where you can check out the latest updates and gameplay tips from the Transformers: Earth Wars team. It’s every Thursday @ 17.00 GMT. Check it out here:

There’s lots of previous content on our youtube channel:

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