Nintendo Switch Announce!

October 20, 2016

This morning Nintendo dropped a huge annoucement!  The long rumored Nintendo NX was officially announced as Nintendo Switch.  In the video you can see full functionality from a "home console" to a "handheld" and some fun blends of the two as gamers are now able to take their game with them everywhere.  It seems that PokemonGo on mobile this Summer was more a precursor for everything Nintendo wants gamers to do.  Play games, be mobile, live and game.  Should be interesting over the next few years how it affects our culture.  And with the addition of possible VR at some point in the near future being on mobile devices we could be seeing the fantasy/science fiction realities of many of pop cultures most iconic movies, tv shows and anime.  It's like we are living in the future finally.  Weird. Side note, I've recently become a fan of Pokemon games since PokemonGo over the summer.  Something addictive about trying to "catch them all".  It will be interesting to see what Pokemon games will be available on this new console.  It's a desert on my girlfriend's WiiU.  Shoutout to White Denim getting "Ha Ha Ha Yeah" on this trailer.