New Destiny DLC Raid and Why Is The Blackout Beta Over?

September 19, 2018

What a week!  We've got a brand new episode of Casual Gamers Podcast and luckily Jeremy and I got to hang out working together all day yesterday and then podcast!  Love what you do, it never feels like work amirite? We even took the opportunity to celebrate #NationalCheeseburgerDay properly.

This week we talk about the new Destiny DLC Raid that took almost 19 hours to complete.WOW.

Sadness over the Call of Duty IV Black Ops Blackout Beta mode being over

We discuss looking forward to Red Dead Redemption 2

I dove in and got Spider-Man on PS4 and Adventure's in Dad Gaming with Hamby

We get excited for TONS of Nintendo news and the new Nintendo Online service that launched September 18th and Sega coming to the Switch

Twitch Streamer Ninja is on the cover of ESPN Magazine.  What does that mean?

According to a study on divorces in Great Britain, people are sighting Fortnite in their divorce papers

And Jeremy challenged me to my Top 5 Games that made me