Millennial's Staying Married Is NOT Ruining Divorces

September 26, 2018

A recent study has come out that from 2008 - 2016 the Divorce rate dropped by 18% and so the media is writing articles about how "Millenials Are Killing Divorce".  Look Karen.  I'm not a Millenial, I'm in that weird Generation between Gen X and Gen Y and did not get married until I was 40.  I waited until I found the love of my life that would help me build a family.  But I'll say this......Millenials staying married and being happy is not "Killing Divorce".  I thought people being happy and married was the point?!  Remember when 50% of Marriages ended in Divorce?  I guess Baby Boomers being in unhappy relationships and getting divorced really did teach the rest of us something.  Just be happy and stop worrying about "other" generations.  Oh and enjoy your avocado toast Millenials, it's obviously causing you to be happy and make better life decisions.