Logan - March 3

October 20, 2016

It's a morning for really big annoucements. This morning Fox released the first teaser trailer for many thought would be "Old Man Logan" a storyline from Marvel Comics about an older Wolverine. Looks like the ultimate Hollywood product is going to be a mix of Old Man Logan with some of Chris Clairemont's X-Men "Outback" storyline from the 1980's and a little Charles Xavier/Wolverine buddy cop mojo thrown in. If I sound a little down on the trailer, I guess I am.  Some of it is cool, but the Fox X-Men properties broke me and let me down for the last time with X-Men Apocalypse. I have a wait and see approach at this point. And could that be his "daughter" and clone X-23 in the trailer?  We'll see.  And I'm guessing that's the Reavers we see as well.