Jim Starlin wrote Death in the Family. He KILLED Robin!

a behind the scenes story of how Batman "A Death in the Family" came to be

September 20, 2019

This episode of Capes on Capes is a 13 minute interview with comic book legend, Jim Starlin.  And Jim is certainly a legend.  He created Thanos, Drax and Gamora, but also wrote The Infinity Gauntlet (basis of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War), the storyline Batman: A Death in the Family where famously readers of the comic book called into to a hotline to vote to let Jason Todd live or Die and spoilers in the story Jason is brutally murdered by The Joker.  It was a MASSIVE turning point for comic books in the 1980's and the repercussions an fallout from that story and the voting carry on to this day with storylines like Batman: Under the Red Hood.  Jim gives me a great behind the scenes story about he had lobbied hard a year earlier for Robin, Jason Todd to be the character DC Comics would give AIDS to as part of a storyline addressing the AIDS epidemic in the late 70's and early 80's.  Jim also talks about his original creation Dreadstar and plans in the immediate future for a collected edition of stories as well as possibilities of more.  And finally we talk about Marvel's confirmed Phase 4 movie character Shang-Chi whom Jim also co-created.  Legendary.