Jayson Live Tweets Watching Iron Man

September 24, 2018

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Last week Jayson let me know he was about to embark on a journey watching all the Marvel movies through Ant & Man and the Wasp.  I was excited!  On top of that he had a graphic for a new "Chronological" order for viewing the movies.

Jayson started with Captain America The First Avenger and followed up live tweeting watching Iron Man for the first time.

Jayson realizes one of the draws of Marvel movies 

When he realizes Pepper Potts is the MVP of Stark Industries 

Catches on early on that "The Dude" is not such a good "Dude" in this movie

The thirst for Robert Downey Jr is real

Justice for Yinsen 

When he discovers JARVIS voiced by Paul Bettany - who I've heard has said this bit role saved his career

Big problem many have with the movie Iron Man specifically of the Marvel movies is that the third act is a mess

And until he watches Iron Man 2 we are left with this final tweet from Iron Man