Jayson Live Tweets Thor Part 2

September 26, 2018

@ Sipa USA

Okay Round Two!  The other night it got late and Jayson had to go to sleep before finishing Thor, but it was a great idea!  He came back strong last night Live Tweeting the second half of Thor.  In case you are just joining us, Jayson is watching all the Marvel movies for the first time and live tweeting the experience.  

All of us

God of Mischief!

Truth - Portman and Hemsworth had zero chemistry

"Thor's Squad is the best Squad" lol

More Sif please

ABS - Always be "Shipping" Jayson is all about the who should be actually dating in the Marvel movies or "shipping" his favorite relationships.

Anthony Hopkins as Odin

Ha ha never thought of this

Next up Avengers!