Jayson Live Tweets Avengers

September 26, 2018

© Shae Combs for The Enquirer

Here we go!  Main event time.  Jayson is watching all the Marvel movies for the first time and live tweeting his experience.  I'm not trying to spoil him with expectations but there are definitely movies on his list that I cannot wait for him to watch and react to.  Avengers was one of those movies.  


And Loki is back!

Jayson is not here for the introduction as Colbie Smulders as Agent Hill

Black Widow is back and Jayson picks up on clues to deeper relationships between Agents Barton and Romanoff

Jayson is here for the Black Widow and Doctor Banner chemistry

Jayson would take a beating for.....I mean from Cap

At no point has Jayson had time for Tony Stark's shenanigans 

Hey Jayson you should really watch Agents of Shield season one

There is a reason that Tom Hiddleston has LEGIONS of fans around the world

Jayson picks up on a big theme in the Marvel movies.  They are so concerned with introducing Heroes to carry the universe that the Villains become one offs and steam rolled by the Alpha characters.  That's why the fights between the heroes are that much better, the characters are more developed.

And the big payoff, when the heroes Assemble


And the after credit tease, can't wait for Jayson to watch Captain America The Winter Soldier, next up Thor the Dark World ugh