Jayson Live Tweets Ant-Man #MarvelMadness

October 3, 2018

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Hey guys!  It's been a few days and it feels like momentum is slowing down, but Jayson continues his goal of watching 10 years of Marvel movies to get caught up on the Avengers Infinity War hype.  Last night Jayson caught up with the first Ant-Man movie and he had some thoughts!  Highlights and lowlights below, next up Captain America: Civil War.

Jayson, if Paul Rudd, ex convict worked at Baskin Robbins what would you do?

Jayson has issues with Marvel villains, there is a pattern and a theme

Also Jayson felt that Hope (Evangeline Lilly) got the short end of the straw with all these men with daddy issues in the movie.

A note on Sidekicks, Scott Lang has Luis and Cassie, Captain America has The Falcon and Bucky.  Also I never thought of this watching the movie, but could Marvel not afford more X-Men *ahem* more Avengers in this scene?!

Final thoughts